29 Jul 2011

Death Note

I can't say I loved this anime. Death Note was good in a mind bending way, similar to Code Geass. The main character Yagami Light is difficult to sympathise with or even like, but he does have his moments. The whole story is a little hypocritical and ironic, but I won't ruin it for you.

I've even heard there's a movie in production, but don't get your hopes up. Even if it does come out, films these days have a habit of letting you down.

Anyway, if you like tactics and strategy - this is another anime for you. The mental back and forth between Yagami and the antagonist, L is full of tension and is very engaging.  There are a few great twists, but as usual - the manga is better than the anime.

Some of the characters are epic and awesome, I found myself rooting for L instead of Yagami. Ryuk the death god was amusing and a little cryptic at times. The art is well drawn and animated, and in high quality the graphics are some of the best. As always, watch the subbed version instead of dub. Dub sucks. Bad voice acting central, thank you for wasting my time.


  1. The manga was way, WAY, better. Then you don't have to deal with shit like fillers and crappy music.

  2. I watched the anime before i read the manga back then i thought the anime was allready really nice but the manga is actually really much better.

  3. I am always looking for new anime, but don't have the time to waste by wading through the countless crappy ones out there! I will take your advice and check out the ones you recommend. I hope your taste matches my own!

  4. I read the manga first way back and loved it. When I heard there was an anime in production I wondered how they'd manage to not make it boring because the story is so cerebral. I honestly felt like they did a really good job with this.

    Really I think Light's character and actions raise a lot of strong points of discussion. Especially in the realm of do the ends justify the means kinds of talks.

    There has already been at least one live action Death Note movie. Haven't seen it but if there is going to be an animated movie I'd like to check it out.

  5. This is one of my favorites animes! Ps. nice blog you got going here, always on the lookout for new anime so will definately be checking this out in the future!

  6. This was one of my favorites too. Read through the manga, watched the anime and gone through one of the live action movies.

    I also got my Death Note autographed by Brad. (The english voice actor of Light)

  7. I really like the over-the-top anime. Stuff that is completely unbelievable.

  8. This is one of my favourites!! I've watched it like 3 times over, although I always wish they had stopped after L dies. I always liked Light, he's selfish and egotistical but I still wanted him to come out on top.

    @Haunter: I've watched a bit of the real movie and to be honest, you're not missing anything!!!