11 Aug 2011


I just watched utawarerumono for the first time recently. I found it as a similar recommendation for Code Geass.

Skeptical, I forced my way through the first couple of episodes and found it bearable and fairly addictive. The characters are engaging and have their own backstories (although a little lacklustre), the world is very interesting, and the art and visuals are nothing special but the average anime blend. Sure, that description isn't exactly positive, but I genuinely enjoyed it once having found myself settled in.

Even though I feel a few plot details were unexplained and unnecessary, I believe they may be covered in the manga, which I didn't read. Presume it's better than the anime, since it pretty much always is.

Anyway, the story goes a little something like this: Man wakes up from serious injury with no recollection of previous events. After helping the town who saved him from destruction, he is named Hakuoro. Lord Hakuoro, now followed by many and hailed as a kind and generous lord sets off collecting allies and warriors to aid the uphill battle. The war continues on an increasing scale with further consequences each victory.

Overall, I wouldn't say this anime was anything special. However, do give it a watch, especially if you liked Code Geass or stuff that involves war strategy.


  1. Isn't this also a Visual Novel.

  2. If it's anyway near being as good as code geass, imma watch it

  3. I still need to watch this series, although I've played through the VN. (So I guess that answers your question Shaw)

  4. looks like something fun to watch =)

  5. I love anime! I never watched this. Thank u for ur info! =D