1 Nov 2012

Howl's Moving Castle.

This film, another production by the brilliant studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. I have met numerous people who have seen Howl's Moving Castle, and not a single one has disliked it. It is truly a benchmark in anime, something every connoisseur has to partake in. So if you're here wondering if you should watch this production, go watch it now and then come back. Don't forget to comment or I won't be pleased!

It seems a little steampunk.

Sophie the hat maker has a fairly dull life, but a comfortable one. Upon encountering the enigmatic wizard Howl, that all changes. Because of her meeting with Howl, our protagonist becomes cursed by a witch of the wastes. Transformed into an old lady, Sophie is forced to set out on a journey to try and reverse the spell.

What truly amazed me about this production is the universal quality. It can be enjoyed by adult, child, and teenagers alike. Despite the age of the film, the visuals are still fantastic. Howl's castle is a heap of scrap kept in motion by magical means, yet it somehow retains a level of mystery that leads you to believe there is more to it.

Sophie, searching for a way to remove her curse.

The relationship between Sophie and Howl is spontaneous yet still believable, the characters all have contrasting personality and in the short time you get to see them on screen; you feel like you know them intimately. Sympathizing with the antagonists is quite easy, empathizing with the good guys is immediately possible.

The soundtrack is something to remember, I listen to it occasionally for nostalgia. Because I watched it as a younger child, I will never forget some of the key moments of this film. I have seen it several times more as I grew up, and noticed a new intricacy each time.

Howl, and his magical rainbow coat.

Many plots and media today have derived some structure from the foundation that Hayao built in Howl's Moving Castle. I believe my review can't quite do it justice, therefore I would prefer everyone with any incentive should just watch the film and judge it for yourself. 

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