24 Jan 2013

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a God-tier anime. If you consider yourself a genuine anime fanboy- you've seen it. If not, you've caught at least a few episodes. I'm not very interested in space travel and Cowboy Bebop never really appealed to me. After watching it though- I understand why it's an iconic franchise worthy of all the praise it has received. It blurs the line between anime and cartoon, with a seemingly mainstream yet retro wild west feel to it. From the jazzy music to the fantastic artwork, Cowboy Bebop is a flawlessly delivered show you won't forget.

Spike, badass pilot, fighter, joker, cigarette smoker.

The setting is in the near future, 2071. After humanity essentially screwed up the earth by damaging the moon-  planet Earth is now spread across the solar system. The majority of the population have moved to Mars, although people have moved to Jupiter and even asteroid belts. With the Earth being all but inhabitable, criminal organizations run rampant across the galaxy. Technology has advanced dramatically, but not as a whole. Firearms and wheeled cars are still common, whereas spaceships have developed incredibly. Gunslinging and space battles, what more could you want?

Jet Black often stays out of the fight, but backs up Spike in other ways.

Spike Siegal is a bounty hunter, or a cowboy. His goal is to make a fat wad of cash. Catching criminals seems to be the easiest way to accomplish his objective. He travels space with his companions aboard the Bebop. Among his motley crew is Jet Black, a grumpy former police officer, Faye Valentine the unpredictable eye candy and debt riddled bounty hunter. Edward is the tech specialist, and female despite her name. Finally, my favorite member is Ein, a genetically enhanced super Corgi. Although the crew is mismatched and often at odds- they make a lethal team.

Faye often gets dragged into Spike's past.

As the group explore space and cause destruction everywhere they go- you will learn about their regular lives and past. Spike is a great fighter and pilot, his experience gained through years of working for the Red Dragon syndicate. Although his past is traumatic, Spike always maintains a happy and carefree attitude. He maintains a cool demeanor in the face of danger, and is a damn awesome character.

I struggle to find something wrong with Cowboy Bebop. The animation is attentive as opposed to lazy. The plot masterfully weaves episodes together in an arc whilst the individual installment is captivating and understandable to the passerby. The battles are tension filled and a pleasure to watch. The characters are convincing and believable. In fact, the only flaw I can find is I ran out of episodes to watch.

The swordfish II, Spike's precious fighter.

A staple food of any avid anime fan, Cowboy Bebop is a must watch. I've yet to meet someone who didn't love it. There is an incredible blend of genres that just can't be done by any artist. If you haven't seen it already, I'm telling you now that you have to watch it. You don't even have to like anime It's in my top 5, and I don't even like the setting.

I don't really know how else to praise this gunslinging space adventure without spoiling it, so just check it out yourself, okay? Make sure you leave a comment if you didn't like it, because you will be the first I've met!

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