7 May 2013

Chrome Shelled Regios

Here's another anime I was stubborn to watch. Another anime I enjoyed thoroughly. Chrome Shelled Regios is about cities living on gigantic legs to survive away from the infested wasteland below. The earth has been taken over by monstrous beasts, creatures strong enough to survive even the most advanced human technology. So people live in cities on legs. Sure this concept is a little wacky, but it makes enough sense for an anime.

One of the walking cities.

Exceptional humans have learnt to use Military Arts, or Kei to defend themselves. This science is essentially magic, some people have natural talent for it. Although this technology is used to defend from invading polluted monsters, mobile cities also have tournaments between each other as a contest of strength and power.

I think that when the earth is inhabitable due to the pollution and climate, it's a little odd for humanity to be fighting against each other instead of focusing on the hordes of evolving monsters below. However, that's what our kind does, so it's acceptable enough. Besides, the premise behind Chrome Shelled Regios is interesting and original for an anime.

The plot takes place in a particularly unremarkable city (aside from walking on gigantic stilts that is), Zuellni. Zuellni is filled with inexperienced students, a university for academic studies and combat training alike. Layfon Alseif arrives at this city to study, and escape his past. Unfortunately Layfon is forced to interrupt a fight on his first day, leading the principle to force him into the Military Arts class.

Usually the air outside is dangerous to breath in.

The anime revolves around Zuellni and the other walking cities dealing with the post apocalyptic wasteland as best they can. Layfon is one of the strongest fighters in the world, who used to be a holy knight. Many people try to use him to their advantage. His friends and his team often feel weak in comparison and try to catch up in strength. I really enjoyed the fighting scenes, because Layfon often becomes badass and brutal.

It's a pretty solid watch overall, the only thing I didn't really like was the comedy aspects. The animation and sounds were solid, and the voice actors were passable. It also has a small harem element, which wouldn't be missed. It would of been better if Layfon only had one suitor. Overall, I'd definitely consider partaking in Chrome Shelled Regios if you're a fan of post apocalyptic stuff. It's rated pretty high in most reviews, so it seems to have mutual enjoyment by other audiences.

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