2 Feb 2016

What I watched, What I expected, What I got

Here's an anime infographic about What I watched, What I expected, and What I got. It's moderately entertaining but more importantly an ideal image to help you find your next anime to watch. I think the Fairy Tail comparison to My little wizard is a little on the nose, but unfortunately the truth of it can't be denied.

The format is relatively easy to understand, 'what I watched' refers to the anime seen, 'what I expected' is what kind of anime you thought it would be, and 'what I got' is generally a funny comparison of the anime to something else.

I'm personally fond of a few of these that are quite true. Beserk is an anime that can easily be compared to Dark Souls, both are brutal. The Spice and Wolf one is pretty funny too.

A humorous infographic representing peoples opinions of various anime

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